Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jet and his pet human

If you think about it, who's really the sucker in this relationship? Jet has to occasionally listen to me, behave within a fairly wide spectrum, and be as cute as possible.

I'm responsible for feeding him, grooming him, being his friend, taking care of his medical hoobajoob, and the monetary cost of all those things combined and whatever I've left out. I have to be careful with Jet, behaving within a much narrower spectrum (being firm but not mean, friendly but not a pushover).

At the end of the day (and throughout it as well) it's worth it. I can never stress enough how good of a dog Jet is at his core. His edges are extremely rough but despite any claims I've made I wouldn't trade him for anything EXCEPT for the puppy version of himself. I would love to get a crack at raising him from day 1 and potentially erasing all the abuse he's suffered and the subsequent psychological problems it's left him with but... that isn't reality. Unfortunately, dogs are just like people that way. Sometimes those problems linger for a lifetime.

I haven't felt compelled to include myself in any of the pictures thus far, but this was a really good shoot with the two of us so I couldn't help myself. They were taken in early July in Griffith Park, at a little picnic area near the Griffith Observatory.

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