Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quit being such a crybaby, Jet!

Huskies are notorious crybabies; yelping and yipping for any reason whatsoever. Jet is obviously no exception to this rule. I'd say in this one area he goes above and beyond what you could expect from a regular husky. It's not that they have heightened nervous systems and feel more pain or anything like that; I choose to believe that Jet overreacts.

Getting combed, getting wet, getting pinched, being startled... all great reasons for Jet to cry. Perhaps mammals are hardwired to react to what we consider the sound of crying (or maybe it's just us humans), but the sound of Jet crying is nearly heartbreaking. I have to force myself to keep combing or whatever because after the initial yelp Jet is prone to sitting there and taking it, showing me that he's really just crying wolf.

Ok then, Jet. Maybe next time a wolf is eating food out of your bowl and you cry about it I won't come running.

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