Friday, October 16, 2009

Dirty Jobs: Chupacabra Washing

Chupacabra's goat sucking career has been pathetic lately. It's the smell, you see. Rolling around in dirt all day and soiling yourself due to a broken tail and a piddling problem can lead to some award winning odors. TRUST ME.

I decided to give El vicious beast a hand, and as is typical, he shows zero appreciation.

I bet he wanted a perm, the little princess. At least I didn't lose any fingers in the process. Look at those teef!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Great White Ninja

After a movie marathon first beginning with Beverly Hills Ninja, and followed by American Ninja (please read the synopsis, it will make your life), Jet was naturally inspired to take to the shadows and try some ninjutsu on me.

Unfortunately, Jet didn't realize that being the "Great White Ninja" had its drawbacks, including the fact that he stuck out worse than he usually does.

He was surprisingly accurate throwing shuriken with his mouth, though. I have layers of bandages on my rear to prove it.

I'll have my revenge, ninja!
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