Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snape killed Dumbledore, Jet.

This is the exact moment Jet discovered that Snape, in fact, kills Dumbledore at the end of the 6th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Jet is a notorious Harry Potter fan, and was clearly stunned by the news. He's only begun book 4, but never turns an ear away from a spoiler.

Jeepers Creepers

A close up of Jet's famous eyes. I like the darker ring of blue at the edge of his blue iris. It also looks like he's wearing eyeliner.

Oh Jet, I suppose it's ok to be curious.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lazy Afternoon

Lazy morning, lazy afternoon, lazy evening, makes a bunch of random noise at night. Jet isn't a highly motivated dog, even with motivation like treats. He'll eventually get bored of them unless they're remarkably delicious. He won't even defend his own food dish from pilfering rats. But I suppose I'm used to fighting Jet's battles for him.

Will that be all, sir?

Sure, Jet. Had a long morning? Feel free to use my feet as a pillow. They can't possibly be that comfortable, and he has real pillows, but I guess it's endearing in a way. He has yet to bite my feet so for now I'll continue letting him get away with it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


No, Jet isn't eating the neighbor's pet rabbit. Interestingly, sometimes Jet likes to eat his own fur. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but especially when there are scabs in Jet's fur from an injury, the little fella can't resist. His fur is like candy to him.

Classic Jet

There are many poses that could be described as Classic Jet. This is one of them.

Nothing lengthy to say about it.


Wanted: The Two-Eyed Kid

Wanted: Jet Pupstein, aka Jet Pupkins, aka Jet Pupman, aka The Two-Eyed Kid
Dead or Alive (Preferred Alive)
Crimes: Train robbing, bank robbing, pet store robbing, murder by cuteness.

Jet has a great many nicknames. A classy young gentleman on the streets of Hollywood once remarked that Jet "have TWO eyes!" I assume this classy young vagabond was referring to Jet's heterochromia. Since that day, we've used the amazingly apt two-eyed description.

This photo was taken in Paramount Ranch, which lies in the Santa Monica Mountains. We were looking for a dog friendly trail when we were directed to this location. Very spacious and great trails as well. Very few opportunities for a better example of the scrub oak chaparral landscape. They filmed a few TV shows here, most notably Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A big cheesy smile.

Don't smell his breath but he'd love a big kiss right on the nose. Jet is a remarkably affectionate animal. Emotional as well, moreso than any dog I've known before. It's like walking a tightrope, sometimes. If I let him get away with too much he starts getting brazen and breaking rules. If I scold him with a tone that he deems too angry, he pees and becomes extremely sad and timid and usually slinks off somewhere to hide.

Usually just being consistent with my tone and my discipline, as well as my praise, seems to keep Jet on an even keel. It's probably confusing enough for a dog trying to understand a human.

It's extra confusing for Jet. :)

Breaks your heart, don't it?

My favorite part of this picture is easily Jet's nose. When he snorts, all those leaves around his face twirl away in every direction. A very endearing sight. Very "meh" which is very Jet.

This is more or less Jet's "look" of choice all day long, unless we have company. Then he's in everyone's crotch faster than superglue dries.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sometimes Jet is so cute it's painful. This particular picture hurts my heart.

Really isn't much more to say about it.

Good catch, Jet!

Jet doesn't catch frisbees. Jet doesn't do tennis balls. You can toss something directly at Jet's face so he'll catch it, but if it isn't food related he'll let it bounce off his snout.

But if you toss him a little treat, in this case a piece of chicken, Jet (like other dogs, I'd imagine) can catch them with finesse.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I watched Jet snap a bee in midair. He didn't just snap down and swallow, no; Jet snapped down on it with his front teeth and let go. This way he was able to watch the poor bee writhe in agony before I removed it before he decided to give it a taste test. I don't know if Jet has any bee allergies (I doubt it) but hilarious scenarios involving Jet and a swollen tongue filled my head so I figured it would be best to avoid the possibility.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Dogs typically spend a huge part of the day sleeping, and of course Jet is no exception. He twitches his legs, ears and eyebrows in his sleep frequently. Maybe he's dreaming. Of a working tail, perhaps?

I wonder if it ever worked at any point, or if he was born that way. I mentioned earlier that Jet was most likely abused in some way. Maybe losing function of his tail was part of that, but that would be awful.

People have mentioned to me before that they were certain Jet is half wolf, and that his tail doesn't work because wolves don't use their tails. I'd like to point out, just in case anyone out there shares this point of view, some wolf information that describes various ways wolves use their tails to communicate.

In fact, if wolves didn't use their tails to communicate, it would be far less likely that any dogs at all would use their tails for that purpose. Dogs may be smaller than wolves these days, but they kept the vast majority of their genes from what I understand.

Mmm, spilled beer!

Do all dogs love beer? The dog I had in my childhood loved it, and Jet never fails to lick up every conceivable molecule of beer he can find. The only time I ever give him his own is on the 4th of July, both as a means to calm him down for the fireworks and wind him up cause it's his honorary birthday!

Since we found Jet, I had the luxury of making up his birthday. I bet based on certain characteristics a vet could accurately age Jet (one has given me a rough estimate). However, I thought that July 4th would be an excellent choice. I had one thought when I looked at Jet: "America."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bathed in the last light of day.

It always amazes me how well behaved Jet appears in photos. I suppose it's because a photograph captures a still moment, something very rare in Jet's life when there's someone around to give him attention.

It's mostly impossible to get Jet to sit still. However, there's a secret: If you rub or scratch the fur on his chest, he will be fully and completely immobilized, barely able to muster a lick of your hand, let alone a fidget.

Goin' for a ride.

Jet loves hitching a ride with my girlfriend and I. I think he loves any reason to get out of the backyard, actually. I don't blame him. We drive a Scion xB so there's plenty of space in the back for him.

I don't lower his windows all the way. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't jump out but I don't think I'll give Jet the benefit of the doubt, although he's surprisingly calm in the car. Possibly better behaved than he is in any other situation, actually.

Interestingly, for all Jet's piddling problems (which are fear related) he's never once had an accident in my car. I doubt he's purposely holding it in, but maybe he's just excited to be doing something and has no reason to be scared. I'll take whatever breaks I can get; if the only thing I have to clean up is hair then I'm happy.

Enjoy the day!
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