Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vintage Jet: El Chupacabra in living room

El Chupacabra has a great deal of things in common with Jet, amazingly. Chief among them: the love of stretching out at our feet and begging for attention. This picture was taken about 10 months ago in my old apartment. Jet definitely didn't enjoy it there, as I had to crate him at times due to his piddling problems.

He has a big back yard now and is quite happy

I've created a new category for older pictures taken before the inception of this blog.

More to come.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jet being silly never gets old

I never tire of Jet, in person or in blog form. I'd never admit it to him, but I'm afraid I love the little scamp. I acknowledge that Jet is a dog, and ultimately my possession; not my friend in the sense a human being can be, etc.

That being said, he's the best. We've been through plenty of adventures together. All his faults and flaws are obnoxious, but I suppose I'm only marginally close to perfect. Therefore I won't be TOO critical.

He's dead, Jim

Dead serious about not being combed! This is Jet as he FINALLY relaxed and allowed us to comb him. Little bugger.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mi casa es woo casa

We've had this doghouse for a long time, probably close to 15 years or so! Jet isn't a vintage nut by any means, but he enjoys the house. He seems to like any place that's enclosed with one exit; perhaps it makes him feel more secure. In fact, many animals seem to like the same thing. Reptiles, rodents, insects and any other critters I've kept like a tight fit too.

I'm imagining a whole pack of Jets holed up in a big den dug out from under a tree. They'd all be completely clueless, I'm sure.

Let's make a sweater out of Jet

Out of his shed fur, of course! Filling this bucket with shed Jet fur took about 5 minutes of work. No matter how much I comb Jet, it's never enough. I use the comb you see in the background as well as the larger size FURminator. This is an amazing tool although it's extremely expensive. I bought it during better times, and definitely wouldn't buy it again because of the price.

One of these days I guess I'll wash the little guy. Pics of that to follow :).

Pig ear numnums

The number one way to Jet's heart is a delicious smoked pig ear. He'll bore of other treats fairly quickly, especially the milkbone type treats which I imagine taste like cardboard. I like giving him rawhide strips and bones as well, to keep his teeth and gums healthy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jet, stop making faces at the camera!

Despite warnings that his face will remain stuck this way forever, Jet insists on making faces at the camera.

He'll see.

Two-Eyed Kid On the Run

The law was hot on his trail, but the Two-Eyed Kid and the Two-Eyed Kid Gang weren't about to surrender. There was a terrific gunfight, ending with the Sheriff and his posse stinking in the dirt. The Two-Eyed Kid Gang escaped with 3 wagons full of Mexican gold. They are still at large.
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