Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smooth Operator

Jet is like Wolverine, in a way. He's the best he is at what he does. Luckily, looking cute is what he does. Healing factor would have been cool. Or an adamantium skeleton. Or claws. Or a badass attitude.

I wish Jet were more like Wolverine, come to think of it.

Baby Puppy.

Here's Jet snoozing away with the only toy he's ever shown even a mild interest in: Baby Puppy. If we're being proper, it's actually Baby Puppy II; the original Baby Puppy was thrown away after moving out of my apartment. He never showed any interest in Baby Puppy, even when I pretended to love Baby Puppy more than Jet. I guess Jet knows a sucker when he sees one.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jet finds out what camera smells like

Pardon the blur; it's a bit hard to focus on Jet when he unexpectedly lunges forward. Never to bite though, always to sniff and lick (sometimes in awkward places, so be careful.)

It was that shifty-eyed dog!

I always knew he was up to no good, that Jet!

Jet is definitely not allowed to sit on people furniture. I made the mistake of allowing him on this chair for a little photo session. This made the little devil quite brazen (or confused, I guess) enough to think he had license to sit on it any time he wanted! It wasn't hard to set him straight though; 3 days in the hole would do that to anyone. I mean - er - a stern finger shaking. Yeah...

A Small Challenge

Summers in Southern California are extremely hot and dry. Due to his unfortunate penchànt for piddling we are unable to keep him indoors, so I do whatever I can to help him cool off.

Ice cubes may seem simple, but to Jet they're a veritable Rubik's Cube. He lacks opposable thumbs, you see, so he's forced to pick them up with his jaws (or try to, anyway... and fail). When that doesn't work, Jet has to flex that brain of his (or get extremely lucky) and push the cube against a solid object so he can go to town.
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