Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Stinkpot

Ok, so this is clearly not a Jet related post, but these baby turtles are the best things ever. They give Jet a run for his money when it comes to cuteness.

I recently got 2 common musk turtle hatchlings, also called stinkpots. Sternotherus odoratus.

At some point when I have money I want to have a nice turtle aquarium. These don't get too big so the setup wouldn't have to be obscene. I have a decent tank for now. Unfortunately, one of them didn't make it. The surviving turtle has a wider shell. I'm not sure if the one that died was underdeveloped or simply less robust. Also could have been due to pneumonia, other illness, or who knows what else. I was heart broken when I found him on the bottom of the tank though. Rest in peace, sweet Hobart.

Nacho, the survivor, is doing great. Here's a picture of him. I say "him" but I'm honestly not sure what sex him is. When he grows a bit his shell should give it away.

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