Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jet fresh from his lobotomy

I've tried everything with this dog, but nothing seemed to cure his piddling problem.

So the other day I decided to get Jet a lobotomy, and it's great! Now he just lays around all day drooling and twitching. No walking, no wooing, no problem! He sits completely still and lets me comb him, wash him, and tickle him for my own amusement.

My only regret is that I waited this long to lop off a lobe. I recommend lobotomies for all your troubles. There are coupons in this week's Penny Saver, to boot.


  1. Hey,

    what a cute dog you have there.... i'm in love with her... she looks very similar to a wolf..

  2. I'm afraid Jet could never be a lady dog. He's far too machismo for that. (With a drama queen streak here and there.)


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