Monday, August 10, 2009


Dogs typically spend a huge part of the day sleeping, and of course Jet is no exception. He twitches his legs, ears and eyebrows in his sleep frequently. Maybe he's dreaming. Of a working tail, perhaps?

I wonder if it ever worked at any point, or if he was born that way. I mentioned earlier that Jet was most likely abused in some way. Maybe losing function of his tail was part of that, but that would be awful.

People have mentioned to me before that they were certain Jet is half wolf, and that his tail doesn't work because wolves don't use their tails. I'd like to point out, just in case anyone out there shares this point of view, some wolf information that describes various ways wolves use their tails to communicate.

In fact, if wolves didn't use their tails to communicate, it would be far less likely that any dogs at all would use their tails for that purpose. Dogs may be smaller than wolves these days, but they kept the vast majority of their genes from what I understand.

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  1. we agree with you! we think they had to use their tails. It's amazing what some people will believe, and how some get angry if you don't!


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