Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wanted: The Two-Eyed Kid

Wanted: Jet Pupstein, aka Jet Pupkins, aka Jet Pupman, aka The Two-Eyed Kid
Dead or Alive (Preferred Alive)
Crimes: Train robbing, bank robbing, pet store robbing, murder by cuteness.

Jet has a great many nicknames. A classy young gentleman on the streets of Hollywood once remarked that Jet "have TWO eyes!" I assume this classy young vagabond was referring to Jet's heterochromia. Since that day, we've used the amazingly apt two-eyed description.

This photo was taken in Paramount Ranch, which lies in the Santa Monica Mountains. We were looking for a dog friendly trail when we were directed to this location. Very spacious and great trails as well. Very few opportunities for a better example of the scrub oak chaparral landscape. They filmed a few TV shows here, most notably Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool photo, I especially like the framing of "Two-eyes" in the shade under the saloon sign.

    Also, that's the best nickname I've ever heard of.


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