Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good catch, Jet!

Jet doesn't catch frisbees. Jet doesn't do tennis balls. You can toss something directly at Jet's face so he'll catch it, but if it isn't food related he'll let it bounce off his snout.

But if you toss him a little treat, in this case a piece of chicken, Jet (like other dogs, I'd imagine) can catch them with finesse.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I watched Jet snap a bee in midair. He didn't just snap down and swallow, no; Jet snapped down on it with his front teeth and let go. This way he was able to watch the poor bee writhe in agony before I removed it before he decided to give it a taste test. I don't know if Jet has any bee allergies (I doubt it) but hilarious scenarios involving Jet and a swollen tongue filled my head so I figured it would be best to avoid the possibility.

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