Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goin' for a ride.

Jet loves hitching a ride with my girlfriend and I. I think he loves any reason to get out of the backyard, actually. I don't blame him. We drive a Scion xB so there's plenty of space in the back for him.

I don't lower his windows all the way. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't jump out but I don't think I'll give Jet the benefit of the doubt, although he's surprisingly calm in the car. Possibly better behaved than he is in any other situation, actually.

Interestingly, for all Jet's piddling problems (which are fear related) he's never once had an accident in my car. I doubt he's purposely holding it in, but maybe he's just excited to be doing something and has no reason to be scared. I'll take whatever breaks I can get; if the only thing I have to clean up is hair then I'm happy.

Enjoy the day!

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